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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Walk in the Park

If we're lucky, the good things in life don't change too much over time. Such is the case with this wonderful metro park near our home. Here are some pictures of Sweetpea exploring this past weekend. She loves running around picking up sticks and pinecones, sniffing flowers and chasing birds and chipmunks. It is so much fun to watch her reactions to things and see her discover the same park I grew up visiting.

Taking a rest on the rock wall in one of the gardens

Practicing climbing up onto the benches

Stopping to smell the flowers

She kept taking "shortcuts" in the maze

Headed for the bridge...this part made me a bit nervous!

Standing in front of one of the two ponds, obviously something on the ground was more interesting than the camera!


This is me in the same park, circa 1978. I was almost a year older than Sweetpea is now.
Things are a bit more polished than they used to be, and there is a great learning center that provides educational programs that didn't used to be here. The park tends to get more crowded, so we are careful to time our trips, but it is just as lovely as it always has been. I am so glad to be making new memories here with our little girl!

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monica said...

Life as a child sees and experiences it..how refreshing!

Rachel said...

what a sweet chance to share the same happy memories with your little one.