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Monday, August 4, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

This week is going to be a strange one for us. EmDee is working 2nd shift due to the vacation schedule at his work...which means Sweetpea and I are on our own for dinners through Friday. That considered, we decided to have a major grillfest last night. I will be fixing food from Sunday's bounty all week long. We grilled hamburgers, steaks, chicken and hot dogs! The burgers and dogs are for EmDee, the steak and chicken we will split.

Breakfast for me will continue to be oatmeal with craisens and blueberries. I stocked up at last week's Kroger Mega Event and I have Lean Cuisine meals for lunch this week, paired with a salad. I will either be eating a lettuce or tabouli salad with my frozen lunch. My tentative dinner schedule for the week:

Monday: Grilled chicken salad and tomatoes with cottage cheese
Tuesday: Steak and oven fries
Wednesday: Grilled chicken with pasta and vegetables and a side salad
Thursday: Chicken parmesean and garlic bread
Friday: Steak sandwiches and pasta salad

I made homemade ice cream this weekend, and we will likely dip into that each night this week!

What does your menu plan look like? For more great ideas, check out Menu Plan Monday at Orgjunkie!

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Anonymous said...

I do the frozen meals for lunch too. I can buy a week of lunches for the same price as meal at the office cafeteria plus there is no prep time at home. I love saving both time and money!

Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

Hi twithhoney! Yes, I love a good bargain, especially when it makes my life easier at the same time! This past week's Kroger Mega Event meant Lean Cuisine meals were $1.50 and I had a 2.00 off coupon! Have a great week!


Amy said...

Everything sounds so delicious- yum! Those oven fries are one of my favorites and we sprinkle a shaker of parmesan cheese all over them. Yummy!

Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

Thanks, Amy!
I love those oven fries too, and everything is better with cheese, isn't it? :) I'm a big fan of the methods that Rachel Ray provides during her 30 minute meal shows. I don't watch them very often anymore, but I use her techniques nearly every day to speed up my cooking.

Thanks for stopping by!