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Friday, August 8, 2008

What's in your makeup bag?

Photo By Annia316
What kind of makeup artist are you? Do you like to use the best of materials? Do you stick with your tried and true products that you know won't let you down, or are you adventurous, eager to try the Next Big Thing?

*disclaimer* I don't wear makeup very often, really. I rarely wear it to work, and if I do, its generally because I have a big meeting or presentation, or a big blemish! On the other hand, I do LOVE makeup, and in my pre-baby life that love affair was what you might call hot and heavy. With Sweetpea my focus has shifted, but I still enjoy beauty products and makeup, just not as often as I used to. My habits are still the same, it's kind of like riding a bike, apparently!

I'm a bit of a multiple personality when it comes to makeup. I buy the expensive and the very cheap. I try new beauty products when I see them in the yearly Self roundup, or when I find a good deal on something that catches my eye...otherwise I stick with the tried and true.

I am a huge Bare Minerals fan when it comes to foundation. I love that it's natural, that it covers well but is still sheer, and if I'm lazy and don't want to take it off at the end of the day (read-nearly always) it's not going to ruin my complexion. This is likely the most expensive item in my makeup bag and I will never stray from it, people!

When it comes to blush, I used to have a favorite L'Oreal product that I still use on occasion. Lately, since it came in my Bare Minerals starter kit I've been using their "warmth" product when I want a little color. I can see myself going back and forth between these two products in the future. They are both on the expensive side when compared to some of the blushers that are out there, and I'm okay with that. They both look nice, and there is not much that looks worse than unnaturally pink cheeks on an otherwise lovely face.

Eyeshadow is my guilty pleasure. I love trying new shades, and thankfully I found ELF where I can pick and choose from a wide variety of shades and types, all for $1! While I'm not a fan of everything they sell, I am a huge proponent of their eye shadows and lipsticks. I probably have 6-8 different color pallets from ELF in my bathroom drawer, and another 2 in my makeup bag. It's all about subtlety still, so while I love to try new colors, I stay true to my method (neutrals, light/dark/lighter) regardless of the shade I try.

I use mascara only when we are going out somewhere fancy (or to a bar, for some reason?) and I use Covergirl waterproof LashExact in BlackBrown. I really like the definition and lack of clumping. As an aside I can only use mascara on my upper lashes. I don't know how anyone can put mascara on their lower lashes without looking like a raccoon?

I'm more of a gloss girl than a lipstick girl, but I do love trying out lip products. Again, I stick with ELF and love their lip products, especially for the price! They have a plumping lip glaze that is all minty and tingly and wonderful...and I buy their therapeutic conditioning balm like it's going out of style.

Nail polish is all about the toes for me. For that reason I'm more about the bright colors, but for the rare occasion I'm going to paint my FINGERnails, I keep some pale colors around as well. I like Zoya and ELF best because they are free of a lot of the chemicals you'll find in other products. After reading Twithhoney's blog about water based nail polish I'm interested in trying that out.

So to recap, here's what's in my bag:

Bareminerals Fairly Light

Bareminerals Warmth

ELF eyeshadow in Nouveau Neutrals and Luxe

ELF Therapeutic conditioning lip balm in Orange Creme

ELF plumping lip glaze in Mauveberry and Plum Pout

What's in your makeup bag? What's your makeup "personality"? I'd love to hear what's working for you!

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Mimi said...

I usually don't wear any makeup. I have eucerin moisurer w/spf 30, clinique mascara, clinique lipstick in nude, and some L'Oreal mineral makeup - used it once on vacation for a dinner party-in my bag. That's it for me!

Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

I didn't realize Eucerin had a product spf 30, I'll have to check that out! I have been using oil of olay spf15, but I would like a little higher protection.