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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I’ve been pretty reflective and thoughtful lately, probably because things are so unsettled in my professional life and I’m approaching another (much more important) life change as well. During the day I have no problem staying focused on the present, the bountiful blessings and sweet moments. At night my mind keeps refuses to slow down…thinking…trying to plan for something that can’t really be planned for. I’m trying to write it all out – the “to dos”, the “don’t forgets”, the hopes and dreams. It seems to be helping somewhat, but then there are the more physical reasons for my insomnia – the baby belly, precious kicks and swishes, the leg cramps and night sweats.

This past week started out slowly and then just flew by – the weather has been amazingly pleasant and though not ideal for our tomatoes, it’s perfect for bubble blowing, flower watering and playing superhero. I’m now in full fledged preparation for BlogHer, wondering how it snuck up on my so quickly! I think I now have everything we need and I just have to figure out how to pack it all effectively. Having no idea what I’m really getting into, I can tell I’m going to struggle at being efficient with my clothing choices.

I think I mentioned our home computer raised the white flag right before our vacation a few weeks ago. It was with great enthusiasm and a bit of a happy dance that I resuscitated it this weekend!! I had a disc to reinstall my windows system, but I also had several photos and videos that hadn’t been backed up (bad mommy!) so I was very relieved when somehow I was able to follow several different troubleshooting streams at once and bring things back at least long enough to back up my precious memories.

Here are a few more items from last week’s gratitude list:

*other than insomnia, I’ve been feeling fantastic as this pregnancy progresses*

*everything that HAS to be done pre-baby is done, and though I still have a to do list, I’m feeling very relaxed about what is to come*

*cool mornings and lazy evenings perfect for relaxing and enjoying family*

*watching Sweetpea feel the baby move around in my belly*

*a new farmer's market nearby with excellent produce*

What are you grateful for this week?

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