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Monday, July 20, 2009

Summer Fun List - progress report

I can't believe it's past mid July, where in the world is this summer going? Luckily, even though the days are passing quickly, we've managed to keep a slower pace, and we're doing a pretty good job of keeping up with our summer list. I need to come up with some fun recipes to cook with Sweetpea over the next few weeks (so far we've stuck with cookies, and at some point that is going to catch up with me!) and I need to turn in her booklet for the summer reading program. I'm thinking our bonfire will be next week complete with s'mores and catching fireflies - I'm not sure which one of us is looking forward to it more!

How is your summer going? I'd love to hear some of the highlights!

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Roban said...

What a great chart! I need one just to keep me moving during the summer....

I need to come up with fun, simple things to do. I like the making popsicles and ice cream ideas. We've been to the beach and are planning a visit to a nearby aquarium soon.... It's those little things that can be the most fun though!

Martha said...

Ick, I hate that weird spam! I've got a few like that recently too.

I love your summer list! The highlights here have been bathroom renovations ::rolling eyes:: some fun huh? Oh well, it will be good once they are finished.