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Friday, July 10, 2009

My little sprout

I wanted to share some adorable photos we had taken prior to our vacation!

This adorable and versatile outfit is handmade in the midwest and can be found at Neptune Sprouts! It is reversible (see contrasting fabric in photo above, of Sweetpea "twirling like a princess") and grows with your child, turning from a knee length dress into a tunic top.

This pose cracked me up - she could fold her hands or cross her legs, but not both at the same time...love that toothy little grin she's sporting!

Chubby little toddler hands and feet are so kissable, and I love how happy she looks here!

Another peak at the contrasting fabric around the edges - if you're attending BlogHer you're welcome to come take a closer look!

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Mel said...

Sweetpea is adorable!!! And that is the cutest dress

Adventures In Babywearing said...

SO cute!!!!


Jen said...

Adorable, adorable, adorable!!

Martha said...

Awww! These are adorable! She is such a little cutie pie :-)