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Sunday, December 7, 2008

I love this time of year...

We had our first snow yesterday, now the sun is out and shining, the snow glistening as it covers the ground and the trees - so beautiful, especially from inside our warm house! We put our tree up yesterday, today I hope to have it decorated. I can't wait for Sweetpea to see it lit up - she was so excited to see the tree up when she woke up from her nap yesterday. Somehow I managed to lose one tree limb from last year to this year - how does that happen? Crazy, but thankfully it's completely hidden back in the corner {{blushing}}. Here are some other things from my gratitude journal this week:

*As we read each night, Sweetpea can identify more characters from the books, and has started to tell me parts of the story*

*new exciting opportunities*

*the start of Christmas movie marathons*

*Sweetpea loves the hat I made her, a fun and easy craft that I'll be repeating for the cousin's Christmas presents*

*hearing Sweetpea sing out "GG!" and "Papaw" as we walk into my grandparents house*
*Sweetpea wearing great Papaw's hat*

*lunch with a dear old friend*

*unexpected visit with mom at the grocery - how fun!*

What are you grateful for this week?

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Mel said...

I am thankful that my husband will be home in 3 days he is much missed. I am thankful that I completed almost all of the needed things for our corporate Christmas party..imagine getting paid to shop, decorate, and plan the company party. I am thankful that my boys have weathered their dad being gone (due to their background when someone goes away they don't come back). I am thankful for the amazing bonding time I have had with my daughter and her unbelievable help with the boys and their homeschooling.

And btw I am jealous of the snow LOL and Sweetpea is such a cutie

Jen said...

Love the picture of your daughter in that hat!

Can I confess that I think I love the Christmas movie marathons as much as my kids? Potentially more.

Monica said...

I love that you have snow! It is a dream for me here in AZ.

I'm glad you have your tree up. I beg my husband to put it up Thanksgiving day and he usually goes along with it even though he would prefer to wait a little bit longer.

Lori Ann said...

Aww, Sweetpea's precious!

CC said...

Hurray! Great job Sweet Pea with the beginnings of story retelling! :)

Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...


And my computer back :(

Marnie said...

Aww...such a cute picture! Thankyou for sharing!

Laura said...

LOVE the picture of Sweetpea in the hat!