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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Fabulous Stocking Stuffers

When I had the opportunity to try out Pacific Shaving Company's shaving oil, I was very interested but slightly skeptical. Shaving oil - really?

I first tested the oil while shaving my legs...it seemed like the safest experiment. The directions call for 6-8 drops of oil, but don't really say what area that amount of oil is good for. I used 8 drops per leg and was amazed at how well it worked! No nicks, no razor burn, and smooth skin after my shower! I usually slather lotion on my legs this time of year, but only needed a small amount of lotion to feel totally hydrated after shaving with this oil.

The next test was to convince EmDee to try it, slightly trickier, but I had a plan. I shave his head about once a week, so when the time came I pulled out the oil and suggested we give it a try. He was willing, and we were both very impressed - again, no nicks, no razor burn, but this time we noticed something even more exciting...The biggest nuisance when shaving his head is the hair gets stuck in the razor - I was spending as much time trying to rinse the razor as I was shaving. With the shaving oil, the hair rinsed right out of the razor - this aspect alone makes this oil highly superior in my mind!

The third and last test, the trifecta of shaving so to speak, was EmDee's face. He tends to bleed in at least one spot each shave, and so I was excited to have also received a nick stick, designed to stop bleeding and promote quicker healing. I had it laid out and ready, but since using the shaving oil EmDee hasn't nicked himself or bled once! He's been using the oil on his face now for two weeks, and it's safe to say we are never going back...if and when he does need the nick stick, I have faith that it will work as promised based on the quality of the shaving oil.

Not only is this product amazing to use, it's economical and "greener" than traditional shaving cream. A 1/2 ounce bottle like the one I have costs just under $7 and lasts up to 100 shaves - WOW! This product uses considerably less material to package than a shaving cream can - less waste going to the landfill. Speaking of the small size, it's 95% smaller than an average shaving cream can, so it's perfect for travel or taking to the gym. It's made in the USA and for each bottle of shaving oil, Pacific Shaving plants a tree.

What do you think - doesn't this sound like the perfect stocking stuffer for the shaver in your life?

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1 comment:

Scott said...

I'm a shaver actually... and it sounds good to me! I don't nick myself too often, and I prefer shaving gels to creams. So the oil might just be perfect for me.