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Friday, December 12, 2008

Medela Nursing Tank Giveaway!

photo by blmurch

I'm excited to announce that I'm a Medela Mom Maven! What does this mean, exactly? Medela was looking for women who were interested in discussing the benefits of breastfeeding and their challenges and successes - women who had experience with their products and also with breast pumping.

I know there are a lot of mothers out there with more experience than I have when it comes to breastfeeding, but I hope that I can be a good resource. Sweetpea and I have been a nursing team now for twenty months. She was fed breastmilk exclusively for the first year (with solids introduced at six months) and now she drinks whole milk at daycare and nurses at night. From the time I went back to work until she reached her first birthday I was pumping during the day - at work, in airports, parked cars and offices...I think my strength when it comes to the breastfeeding discussion lays in two areas - our initial latching difficulties and experience with breast shields and my love affair with my breast pump...

I have written here and there about nursing before, and over the next few weeks I'll be writing a bit more. I would LOVE to hear your questions, to start a discussion here on your challenges and successes - *please* email me with questions!

Now to the even better part - as a Medela Mom Maven I will occasionally have the opportunity to try out new products and provide input. Even just a few weeks into this opportunity I can say I'm very impressed with Medela's interest in my input!

I will also be afforded the opportunity to give away products for you to try. So let's start the giveaways now, shall we? Who wants to win a new Medela Nursing Cami? Alright then, that's what I thought!

To enter, first stop over and check out my review. Then visit the Mommy Networking page on the Maven site for a list of message boards that provide great breastfeeding discussion. I'm looking for the answer to these 2 questions as your first entry:
1) what is your favorite feature of the new Medela cami?
2) what is your favorite message board on the Networking page - or let me know if you have another suggestion that we could add.

For added entries, after you've answered the above questions, you can
*Mention this giveaway on Twitter
*Fave this blog on Technorati (there is even an easy peasy little link on my rt sidebar)
*Subscribe to my feed (again with the link on the right sidebar)

Fore each of the above, leave me a separate comment that will count as an additional entry. I will choose the winner using random.org on December 27th - so be sure to enter for a little post holiday gifting!

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Reiza said...

I was the same size while nursing (well, not the F), so my favorite feature is that it provided support. The other nursing camis I've tried didn't do that.

I know lots of moms who got support on the LLL forums. I'm very surprised to see it's not listed on the network page.

Reiza said...

I tweeted. :-)


Megan (FriedOkra) said...

Okay. My favorite feature of the cami is that it's designed for pumping OR nursing. Hello! I do both on a daily basis. Good stuff. And since I'm a huge fan of the KellyMom.com site, I'd say that'd be my favorite message board, as well.


Megan (FriedOkra) said...

Oh yeah, and I tweeted your link earlier. Go me!

Stacie said...

I like the fact that its eco friendly made of a bamboo cotton blend and the messasge board I chose was LilaGuide.


Stacie said...

I'm a subscriber.


Anna said...

I like the support it offers.

Dianna_Ball said...

I'm intrigued by the fact that its designed for "hands-free" nursing. I get a little frustrated when I have to sit there holding onto the shields. I also love that you said it's long - I want something to cover that post-baby bulge!!

I looked at a bunch of the sites you listed; my favorite was babble.com.


piece of me said...

I love the fact that the cami is a eco-friendly bamboo cotton blend. And it has an added shelf bra for support.

I have relied on KellyMom.com for so many things! From my mastitis to thrush. Even for the rules on drinking and BF. It has been a huge help.
livlifelov at yahoo dot com

piece of me said...

I added you as a favorite on Technorati!
livlifelov at yahoo dot com

Nicole said...

1. Love that it covers my belly while nursing.
2. The Mommies Network is a great place to meet moms and has groups nationwide. www.themommiesnetwork.org

Sarah said...

I love that it allows for hands free pumping!

My favorite resource for breastfeeding help/info is Kelly Mom.

I nursed my first for 18 months and I'm now nursing three month old twins. Would love to try this tank!

abcdbanda said...

i love the shelf bra feature for added support and i use kellymom.com for my nursing questions:) thanks!

Sarah said...

I like that the medela cami is longer and won't show your belly and has the added support. I like the Kelly Mom message board. I was able the find a few things that were concerning me now and saw others were having the same problems.

bs.webster (at) sbcglobal (dot) net

Adventures In Babywearing said...

I have this cami- it's really great! I love how bamboo is naturally antibacterial! And it really fits great.


Erin said...

I love how it supports pumping, too! When I was pumping at work, it was really hard to find nursing gear that was made to fit the pump.
I love kellymom.com...it got me through rough times with nursing!

Laura said...

1. I like the lace at the top!
2. I'm surprised that there's not a link to the La Lache League.

starlightmommy said...

Ok so I never had one of these with either of my kids but let me chime in here.

1) I plan on having two more kids as we want four
2) I pumped for 5 1/2 months with my DS because he never ever latched no matter how many times I tried and the lactation consultant tried. This would have been wonderful for pumping at work.
3) My DD latched on great from the start. I fed her for 11 months 4 days and I also pumped. with her as well. This would have been great when I attend my MOPs meetings. I just recently gave up breastfeeding this child.
4) I would STILL LOVE to win this.

Elissa said...

Oh! I made this just in time!! I would love this beautiful cami! It is so pretty and as this is my 3rd baby, I can attest that this would have been very nice to have the first two times. I also love that it is made from bamboo!

Message boards: I like the Circle of Moms Breastfeeding Moms. I feel like I could offer some good advice to newbies. And, I wish I had known about these forums with my first. I was the first to marry, and first to have kids of my friends, so I was clueless and had no one to talk to :(

deliarose said...

I like the idea of a bit of lace. Breastfeeding 4 years + now & could use some pretty things.

Love the kellymom site.

April said...

I like the extra support, something that is missing in a lot of nursing tanks. I am nursing my 2nd baby boy and like that it is longer as well.
I have used Kelly mom on many occasions (thrush, mastitis, even lactose intolerance)

Jenifer said...

It's as cool as my new nursing tank, thanks for sharing!