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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Grateful for the return to "normal"

We finally had our first reasonably normal week of the year, and can I say how excited I am?! It really is the little things in life, and after a few weeks of the sickies, even just a nice, relaxing, healthy (some might even say boring!) life is just what I wanted.

One more week of work for me and then I get to look forward to two weeks off! I'm so excited, and working on a list of things to do with Sweetpea and around the house during that time. It takes a little extra thought to plan activities for a not quite two year old in the middle of winter, but we have a few things on our list so far - swimming at the YMCA, visiting our local mall's free play zone, getting 2 year old pictures taken, and lunch at the great specialty market we have in town. (where half of your lunch comes from the free samples - yeah!) I'm still on the fence about which house projects to tackle. I'm thinking it will be mostly painting and cleaning.

Here are a few of the items from my gratitude journal this week:

*visiting with GG and Papaw*

*a pair of 40 degree days amidst the freezing weather, a glimpse of spring weather that is just a few months off*

*an end to the waiting and worrying we'd been doing, good news*

*many chances to play tea..."is it good?" "would you like more?" so sweet!*

*a return to some of the projects I enjoy at work, after many months of a project I loathed*

*bright beautiful cardinals coloring the white and gray landscape of winter*

*EmDee bringing me one of my favorite pizzas home with him one night, unexpected deliciousness*

What are you thankful for this week?

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Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun tea parties- too cute. I have all boys so tea parties is something I missed :-)

Lea Ann said...

no tea parties for me either. it's smash brother with the hulk hands, crash the hotwheels into the tower of legos, and iron man vs spiderman in the X games stair-diving competition.

and he's not even close to being 3 years old yet.

Mel said...

OH i know you are looking forward to the time off!!!

Sounds like you are going to be busy with the good things in life

love your gratitude list!!

mama's smitten said...

Thanks for stopping by! Let's see this week I am grateful for NO Cavities at our Dentist appt!. And my six year old made the semifinal fo the school speech contest!YAY!!!

Marva said...

Great list! I am thankful for a great peditrician and a great cousin in the heating and air business and all of the little things.......hot water, hot coffee, sleep for a full 6 hours......

Glad you're back! Blessings!

CC said...

Love the gratitude journal!

Mommy2Twinkies-Deb said...

This is really great, and I'm so happy to hear that you've had good news. We, haven't. I've got to start a gratitude journal because I'm getting a little down. :-( Angel loves her tea parties too. They're my favorite.