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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Taking time to share my gratitude

I've gotten away from my Sunday gratitude posts due to the business of life, and it's time to get back to sharing. There is power in a gratitude journal that I've talked about before - somehow by writing down my many blessings, I become more mindful, more present. Reading my entries during a time of stress or frustration takes just a moment, and is a needed reminder. When things get busy it's easy to stop taking the time-but much like menu planning, organizing, and "me time" the dividends are greater than the investment. I deserve a grateful,present, giving me, and so does my family.

In case you're interested in what got me started journaling my gratitude, or are interested in finding a gratitude community, please click over, you won't be disappointed! Here are some of my recent entries.

The head bopping happy dance that greets me as I walk into Sugar Plum's room when she night wakes makes me smile no matter the hour or number of times I've seen it that night.

Wispy blond baby curls backlit by morning sun

Tag team naps make for long days and creative cooking and cleaning routines, but allow for each girl to get her special alone time with mama.

EmDee's schedule is unpredictable and demanding, but we never take our time together for granted. The days he's home are sweet and relaxing or fun and adventurous, but never boring or routine.

The girls are so healthy! The past three weeks have been full of fevers, coughs and stomach bugs, but it was Sugar Plum's first time getting sick (at 9 mo) and it had been over a year since Sweetpea had run a fever.

Now if we can just ditch the sickies before we go on vacation...I'm so glad we appear to be getting these germs out of our system beforehand.

After a long winter and another especially cold and snowy February, I am so glad to be outside on a regular basis again! Sweetpea is old enough to really help in the garden this year, and she is enjoying watching the plants grow. Sugar Plum has discovered grass and she loves to sit in it and pet it.

What are you grateful for this week?

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1 comment:

Marva said...

Good to hear from you! We are all more blessed than we think...at least until we type it and can soo it before our eyes! Blessings!