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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tot food and side dish highlight

I came across Totally Tots for the first time today, and thought their Tot Food feature sounded like fun. Since it's Tuesday again and I don't have my "To Do" list all neat and orderly *sigh* I thought I'd take pictures of our dinner instead! ;) The "chicken soup" risotto we made yesterday was so yummy I wanted to share about it anyway.

Here is a picture of Sweetpea just getting ready to dig into her dinner. She's eating crock pot chicken, "chicken soup" risotto, black beans and mandarin oranges, along with whole milk.
I love how in both photos she is holding her spoon in her right and and totally shoveling food in with her left hand - nice!

And since we have a tot on the way, I thought I'd go ahead and share mom's plate from last night as well:

The crock pot chicken turned out wonderfully! After patting the mostly skinned chicken dry, I rubbed it with just a little oil and salt and pepper. Put the chicken breast side down in the slow cooker, and after 8 hours cooking on low it was falling off the bone, tender and flavorful.

I made risotto using some of the stock from boiling the chicken carcass along with carrots and celery and some colby jack cheese. The basic risotto method if you're not familiar is to lightly "toast" the arborro rice in a little olive oil, then add just enough liquid to cover the rice. Stir and let the rice absorb the liquid, repeat until rice is tender (ratio of rice to liquid ends up roughly 1:3) Finish by adding shredded cheese and stirring until melted.

I call this "chicken soup" risotto because (except for the cheese) all the ingredients for chicken soup are there. I added the carrots just after toasting the rice and the celery about mid way through. Instead of "soup" it's a fabulously creamy risotto instead. Sweetpea had seconds - we will definitely be making this again.

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Marva said...

So cute about Sweet Pea holding her spoon and then eating with her hand. ;)

Supper looks yummy! Blessings!

Brooke said...

I so wish my child liked to eat!! Thanks for the link to Totally Tots.

Susan said...

That looks wonderful!! I'm going to have to try it; thank you for the recipe and report. Your daughter is so sweet, as well :)
Thanks for stopping by my place for a visit!

HeatherPride said...

I love what a great eater she is! I have started cracking down with my son - his eating has really gone downhill. He has pretty much backed himself into a corner of chicken nuggets, ham and cheese, and apple slices. So no more! I am trying to force some variety into him now. It's going....slowly.

Angela said...

Looks delish! :) (I wish I could find a lickin' my lips smiley!) :)

Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

First, let me apologize. I am not a stalker LOL You're going to see in your stats a person who was on your blog for hours. Thats me *pouty lip* I opened your blog up and was pulled away... for hours. I apologize :/

Secondly... YUM! Looks scrumptious! How's the belly bump? :)

LMAO my word verification, with all this food talk, is "piglyz" haha

Sara Bonds said...

Looks sooooooooo yummy, and your little one is adorable.

Happy WW! My WW is @ http://ordinaryandawesome.blogspot.com/2009/03/wordless-wednesday-i-faces.html

Nicole said...

LOL my youngest does the same thing with his fork. Its just easier with the hands huh?! Either way they get about half of it on the floor.

Sandra said...

Looks really yummy :)