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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Birthdays and baby bumps

Here is a peak at Sweetpea's second birthday party. I'm waiting to get my MIL's photos and hoping there are some good ones in there. We did a much better job of documenting with the camcorder this year than the camera, and that is a lesson I need to remember so we don't repeat it!

There were a few cute pictures, including this new favorite of mine:
Can you tell where Sweetpea got her amazing eye color? Right...not from me!

She was super excited about the presents this year, which was fun to see, and really good at opening presents.
The stroller was a favorite, there have been lots of trips around the house and the front yard for various dolls in the past two weeks.

A few sweet readers have asked how I'm doing and for a progress report on the pregnancy. I had my 18 week appointment yesterday and it went very well! The heartbeat is strong and the baby is measuring right on target. I've gained 3 pounds, but my sweet doctor said that wasn't unexpected since I was so sick the first trimester. Sadly I'm sure I'll make that up in the coming weeks... Here's a glimpse of the 18 week belly bump:

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Marva said...

Wonderful pictures! Love the baby bump pic!!!! Glad all is going well and I am sure sweeppea had a blast!


Tricia said...

Your 18-week belly bump is gorgeous!

Happy birthday to your little girl.

HeatherPride said...

Looking good!! I'd never guess that you were 18 weeks along. Only three pounds!!! That's great, although I'm sorry it's because you were so sick! I gained a freakin' ton with my son but managed to keep it in check with my daughter. Congrats on having a "normal" checkup! Keep on rolling along! Happy b-day Sweetpea!

Lea Ann said...

Yeah Steph! You look great. And, looks like a good time at the birthday.

Brooke said...

Love the pictures. And you look fantastic. I think belly shots and pregnancy updates are so fun.

Amy said...

Look at that sweet little baby bump! You look so good!! Happy birthday to your little pumpkin!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to sweetpea, she too cute. And congrats on your 18 weeks pregnancy your belly bump is super cute.

Jen said...

WHat great birthday photos - the year that my daughter got her baby stroller, we actually had to go buy a second one because her brother wanted one, too. : )

Glad to hear the pregnancy is going well, and hope you start feeling better soon.