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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Splash it On, Step it Up with Nakano!

Two things I'm always working on are staying active and eating healthy.  I want my girls to know how important it is for them to take care of themselves - and to really understand what that means.  As a Mizkan blogger advocate, I was really excited to see them launch the Nakano Splash it On, Step it Up challenge this summer.  The program encourages participants to get active and make healthy choices - one of the campaign goals is to help people eat more veggies - how cool is that?!

If you're interested in becoming healthier or could use support in your healthy lifestyle, I encourage you to check it out.  There is an app to help participants worldwide track their steps, as well as healthy eating and workout tips. Nakano rice vinegars are flavorful and pack a bold flavor that pairs wonderfully with vegetables.  The website has some great recipes that incorporate their productsEntrants are eligible to win gym memberships, personal training sessions and workout bags.  What are you waiting for - let's Splash it on and Step it Up!

Disclosure: I am compensated for my time working as a Mizkan Blogger Advocate, but my thoughts and opinions are my own.

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