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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Make your own grass head friend!

This upcycled craft is both adorable and fun, and even better it provides plenty of opportunity to talk science! Sweetpea and Sugar Plum were able to attend "mad science" camp this summer and this was one of the fun crafts they brought home. If you've ever wanted to make your own chia pet like friend you'll love these!

Start with a white tube sock - if your house is like mine you have several orphan socks to choose from...but that's a post for another day :) I like to have a picture or sketch of our finished product handy when we get started. This provides an opportunity to brainstorm the steps with your kids. We want the grass to be the hair, so where/when do we want to add the grass seed? This leads naturally into a discussion of what grass (and more generally, plants) need to grow.  For more advanced learners, you can also discuss how do the needs of plants - water, light, soil and air compare to what people and animals need to grow and survive. Follow the questions and topics that seem to naturally interest your child, and if a question stumps you, head to the computer for a little research!

Now for the instructions!
1 tube sock
A handful of grass seed
A few cups of dirt or potting soil
Permanent marker
Google eyes or other embellishments if desired
A cup or pot for your pet to sit in

It helps to roll your tube sock up to shorten it while filling.
First, place the grass seed in the end of the sock. Add a few cups of potting soil to reach desired size of your pet. Tie a knot in the end of your sock, as close as you can to the soil. Now add a face and any embellishments! A hot glue gun works best for your embellishments as you will be watering your pet.  Now place pet in his cup or pot "home" add water and find a sunny spot for him to live. In a few days he or she will be ready for a haircut!

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