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Friday, October 2, 2009

Happy Happy Day Cake

Do you need a reason to make cake? I am a big believer of cake for no reason, but if I had to come up with one, I guess it would be because I had several of the box cake mixes in the pantry and thought it was about time to use one.

Sweetpea was more than happy to sit on the counter and help me mix everything together (when she is helping we mix by hand) and pour the batter into our baking dishes. While the cake was baking she suggested (multiple times!) that we put sprinkles on the cake. She loved shaking the container to get just the right distribution of sprinkles across the cake. Then she insisted on candles - why not? Just for good measure, she thought we should sing happy birthday to everyone in the family...while none of us was having a birthday, it certainly made for a happy day and a funny memory!

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Michelle said...

What a sweetie. And yum to the cake. But next time -- sing happy UNbirthday. It totally works :)

Just me said...

What a cute little cake!

That reminds me of something my kiddos came up with this summer that we haven't tried yet. They thought of having a "Random Birthday Party!" This sounds like the same thing! LOL How funny;) Sounds like a lot of fun!