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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Organizing Tip Thursday - Organizing your travel fun

A few weeks ago we had a travel edition of our Thursday tips. In that post I linked to an idea for activity binders to keep kids entertained while traveling. Since Sweetpea and I were flying together to our vacation, I was excited to try this idea out. Below are some photos of our completed travel fun binder with some specifics about what was in in it. I love how you can vary you content to suit the specific interests and age of each child!

Of course I couldn't resist making a fun cover sheet for Sweetpea's travel fun binder...

The original link for the travel binder included resources for several free printables. We had a couple of dollar store coloring books that I tore pages out of instead for this trip. In the future if I don't have extra coloring books laying around I will definitely print out my own pages. These pictures were taken after our trip, notice the stickers that Sweetpea used to decorate this particular binder sleeve. ;)

I picked up a couple of dollar store sticker books prior to our trip and cut out enough pages to ensure we would have stickers for both directions.

I included some favorite soft cover books that fit nicely into our binder - we read these on the plane and they served double duty as bedtime stories each night!

Another dollar store find - princess paper dolls! I also cut out some characters from various ads we'd been sent in the mail (see map from Dora the explorer peaking out from behind Cinderella) and some free coloring handouts we happened to have for this sleeve.

And last, but definitely not least, a dollar store puzzle! This puzzle was the perfect size to fit on our fold down tray on the plane. I put it into a Ziploc sandwich bag before putting it into the sleeve to help keep us from losing pieces.

I was careful to book direct flights to help ensure our travel was low stress, but this binder really helped keep Sweetpea entertained, and it was great for keeping everything organized!
What organizing projects are you working on? I'd love to hear about them! I'm still having trouble with Mr. Linky, so please leave any links in your comments.

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Roban said...

Great ideas! One of these binders full of fun would keep me busy for hours. I know children would love them!


Nina said...

I'm making one of these for our cross country flight next week. I found some stick on dry erase paper and chalkboard paper at tj maxx. it was a little pricey 6.99 for a two pack each but I figure they can last for a while. so I got dry erase markers and colored chalk. I also found some balloons with decorations in the craft section at walmart for 2 bucks for 9. we blew one up last night (didn't decorate it) and he loved it. the decorations are eyes and such and all have tape on them that you peel the backing off of - these will fit in the binder. also found tiny (won't fit in binders but will in a backpack) mr. potato heads at tj maxx and my son has already enjoyed putting them together, taking them apart, they are 3.99 each (I only got one). I'm going to put the pieces in a ziplock and maybe get another (there are 4 versions). I also got an i spy bag on etsy (people could make them, I'd put rice in a ziplock with small things (even press stickers together) and then seal it and let the child decorate the outside, it might not last a long time and definitely has to be supervised play but that's what a 5 hour plane ride is all about, right? :)

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph said...

These are fantastic!!!!!!!!