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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sweet, soft and sustainable: Dandelion handcrafted hats!

In the pursuit of eco friendly and sustainable products, I'm so glad I was introduced to Dandelion Earth Friendly Goods. Dandelion makes several products, from feeding accessories to toys to layette items.

As I have been relentlessly attacking the "stuff" in our house in an effort to simplify and declutter, I was looking for useful and fun Christmas presents for the girls this past December. These hats (with matching rattle balls) fit the bill - who could resist the cute? Made from bamboo fibers, they are cuddly soft.

My girls love to try on hats, but rarely leave them on. Finally we have hats that the girls want to wear everywhere! Here they are, modeling their favorite outerwear in the one snowfall we've had this year...

Mmmm, this white stuff is good!

What, you don't kiss your snowmen? :)

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