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Friday, March 9, 2012

Entertaining Kids at the Grocery - scavenger cards

If you're like me, the thought of inviting kids along on a shopping trip can set your nerves on edge! If someone had told my 16 year old self that sneaking out of the house for a solo grocery trip would be a rare chance for some alone time, I would have thought they were crazy. With EmDee's work schedule, the girls and I do most everything together and that solo trip really IS a rare one. I've found that involving the girls in our errands always makes things go more smoothly. So does avoiding meal and nap time, but that's a post for another day! ;)

Tis the season for seed catalogs, and we always seem to receive more of them each year. I've started crafting with them, and this is one of my favorites yet. I had the girls search for their favorite fruits and vegetables, along with some that I picked for them. Once the produce had been located, Sweetpea and I cut them out and Sweetpea and Sugar Plum glued them onto squares of cardboard from a cereal box we'd finished.

Once the cards were dry, the girls hole punched a corner, and we added the cards to one of our Dandelion teething key rings! Aren't these adorable? We can add or subtract to include produce that is actually on the grocery list, and the girls each get a ring. They are responsible for locating their produce, and if the trip is going well they get to help load their items into the cart as well.

I'm thinking of upcycling a grocery ad or two to include some more items from our shopping list.

What tricks do you use to make shopping with kids go more smoothly?

*disclaimer* Dandelion sent me several of their corn based teething rings to compost, and a few extras for the girls to play with. (isn't it cool that their corn based bioplastics will compost?!) I'll keep you posted as to how the composting is going, and in the meantime, the girls love their keys and grocery cards!

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Michelle said...

Oh that's so cute. I was going to suggest adding some of the other items, too, but of course you already had that in hand.

I've actually never had problems shopping with the wee ones. I do get them involved in looking for items, and they get to put items in the cart and help push it and help me check out. And I never EVER buy them anything there. Fortunately, that means they don't ask. I don't reward them for good behavior in the store by buying them something because it's simply something I expect. Sometimes we'll do fun and special things because we have extra time, but ... I'm sort of in favor of the idea that the family needs to work together as a unit, and that's not something special or extraordinary but just what is expected.

Me? = Mean Mom.

Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

LOL, that "mean" sounds just right! :) you are exactly right that rewards are a sllippery slope towards entitlement and unrealistic expectations. These cards are a good way to discuss healthy foods, recipes, etc, and my 2yo needs to be engaged to help her make it through mama's boring errands! :)

Gina said...

Love this idea! I'll have to make up some cards for my son! Thanks for stopping by famiglia&seoul to enter our giveaway!