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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Introducing Solids - how to help baby try new things

I've heard many times and experienced first hand that when introducing new tastes and textures it helps to have patience! If at first you don't succeed, try again in a few days, or try my new trick - mix the new food into a food you've already established and see if that helps.

Today I introduced peas for the first time, just plain peas run through the food mill nad mixed with a bit of mama milk. Since Sugar Plum is eight months now I left the texture lumpy rather than running it through the mill multiple times to make it super smooth. She wasn't particularly keen on this new dish, but rather than giving up I added equal parts applesauce to the mix. All of a sudden it was a big hit! The next time I try peas I will try them again solo. If that doesn't work I will try a smaller amount of applesauce, each time reducing the familiar until the new food is tasty on its own.

Speaking of introducing foods, do you ever wonder what to introduce when, or how much your baby should be eating at a given age? Wholesome baby food is a great resource for these questions and more, including recipes for those mamas looking to make their own babyfood! (it's easier than you think, try it and see!)

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Melissa Parlaman (Graco Contributor) said...

My 9 1/2 mo is loving trying new food. We are trying to steer away from the pre-packaged baby food & give her real "people" food. "Pinkie Pie" is loving eating snap peas, snow peas, chicken, potatoes, grilled cheese cheerios, and fruit. She eats just about anything (except cheese ravioli i just found out). It is fun to see what she will try since she is already a better eater than my 4 year old.

hope smith said...

Great blog!!
Your kids are so cute!!
As I am sure you already knew that.:)