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Friday, April 16, 2010

Customized Perfume & Exercise Incentives

How is that for two apparently unrelated subjects? :) I have been threatening to get serious about exercise and my post baby body shape for about a month now. There are a few secrets I use to help get me to the gym, and I thought I'd share one with you today...I have used this little trick for years, but it's even more special now that I have little ones underfoot.

Before babies, I viewed our YMCA shower as a convenience, a means to an end, a way to get to work earlier since I once was a regular 5am attendee. Now that shower is a luxury - an opportunity to pamper myself while the girls are at the Y daycare.

As a treat to myself, I purchase special shower gel and lotion to use post workout. I make sure they are a little better than the options I use daily, and I choose the scents wisely. Not only do I want them to appeal to me, but I want them to be complimentary (not the same scent) and invigorating or perhaps calming. At the moment, I'm using Rosemary Mint body wash (invigorating) and Lavender lotion. Not a common blend, Rosemary, Mint & Lavender, but it smells wonderful together and I smell it for hours after my workout is over. I've had several people ask me what I'm wearing, even! What are your favorite combinations? Do you mix and match?

I can't say this is the only thing that gets me working out, but sometimes it is that little something extra that helps get me in my gym shoes. Do you have motivational secrets to help get you working out? I'd love to hear them!

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念阿彌陀佛往生西方極樂世界 said...
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Jen said...

Your blog looks great!

Anonymous said...

So I know your contemplating the no poo thing. SO, why not make a baking soda/ Lavender EO shampoo (just mix about a 1/4 teaspoon of the oil into about a cup of baking soda). That's what I did and I like it. BUT I want to get some mint oil of some sort and use because I have always loved hair products that smell like mint.

Also, about having something special for the gym, I totally agree. I like to use a special lotion or scent on my body, that way, when I run, I can smell it and it's yummy. Motivates you to keep going. :) I only hope I'm not bothering anyone around me.

Melissa Parlaman (Graco Contributor) said...

congrats on working out! i just started back too after not really working out for a few years. i used to be an avid exerciser back in high school & college but once i started having kids 4 yrs ago, i really did make it a priority. i now go at 5am 3x a week & try to go once on the weekend. i really like going now & it is my "me" time.

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