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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Gift ideas "for him"

I will be the first to lament that my husband is hard to buy for...he will either buy what he wants or tell me specifically what it is he's wanting, which is nice but not very romantic! His birthday is also 12 days before Christmas, which presents its own challenges.

A few years back we implemented a spending limit on our gifts to one another at Christmas - it forced us to get creative with our choices and allowed us to pool our money instead on one big gift for the family. That said, here are some gifts that always seem to go over well with hubs and the other men in my family:

Photo gifts: whether it's a handmade photo album or scrapbook, a flip book from shutterfly, or a framed photo, photo gifts always seem to go over well.

If you're looking for an affordable framed photo, check out Real Memories. I received a free credit from Real Memories to try out their service and I was absolutely impressed - the frames and mattes are high quality, the printing is top notch and the prices are fantastic.

Destination gifts: For my husband that either means a vacation or a trip to the OSU/Michigan game...I love giving the gift of time together and memories created, rather than something that will take up space and possibly collect dust.

Food: I love making special treats to give as gifts for holidays - this works especially well for kids to give as well because they can help. Whether it's a special meal or a big batch of cookies or cinnamon rolls, food always seems to go over well with the male set!

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Sheila said...

I love the gift of time idea! :)

Condo Blues said...

I like the idea of experience gifts. We like to give zoo memberships as a family gift. My husband was so happy the year, someone finally gave us a zoo membership. He likes the petting zoo :)

Last year my mom made everyone fleece sleep pants. She bought a different type of printed fleece that was a hobby, team, or design that the giftee liked.

Michelle said...

Men are hard aren't they? My husband's family (and him) assign which people are supposed to buy what, which drives me BATTY. But the food is a good one. I was going to make marshmallows with the wee ones, but maybe I should do that for my husband. Hmmm.

avagdro said...

Sounds like great gift ideas.Wish you all the best besides Wish you n all a happy Christmas n New Year eve ahead.

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Christmas Gifts said...

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