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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cooking with Kids - Little hands helping in the kitchen!

Mommy, Can I Help?
Our family spends a lot of time in the kitchen, as I'm sure is true about many families.  I love that the girls want to help while I'm cooking, and there are a lot of lessons about math, science and life that occur in the time we spend there, whether they recognize it or not.  That said, many of the activities we enjoy together take a lot of preparation, not to mention careful management and cleanup!  Every once in awhile I want the girls to be able to enjoy themselves and play a bit in a way that actually helps me and also allows me to be productive at the same time.  This is one of those activities!

Look! A clean potato!

I had a huge sack of potatoes and was making several dishes at the same time - all of which required slicing and dicing of cleaned potatoes.  In came two sweet little girls wanting to help, and so we got out two big bowls, a stack of towels, and two vegetable scrubbers.  With towels spread out underneath, I filled the bowls halfway with water and the girls went to town scrubbing and splashing.  When they were done, we dumped the water out and used the wet towels to clean the floor - how's that for serving double duty!

Do you have little hands that like to help?  What are your favorite activities when your kids are in the kitchen?

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Michelle said...

Awwww, how sweet! I love that you involve your kids in the work. We do a lot of cooking and baking with the wee ones - they know how to break eggs now! - but there's limited time as they get older and have homewok and activities, etc. We'll definitely be doing a lot more now that they're almost out of school!

adamdeals36 said...

How adorable! They've get to learn and have some fun.

Magic Meal in Canada said...

How sweet day was that day when we ware playing like this baby.....