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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Our Overnight Cloth Diaper Solution - Lollidoo!

We have been cloth diapering during the day for quite some time now, but night time had been a real challenge. Both of my girls are heavy wetters, and the last thing I wanted was added night waking and bleary eyed sheet changes. Until recently I had been using disposibles at night, and even then Sugar Plum would often wake up in the early morning and need changing.

I was excited to receive a Lollidoo overnight diaper to test out - I had heard great things about them. Not only are they made out of recycled plastic bottles, but they are super soft and don't require a cover. There is an amazing amount of adjustability designed into the diapers, and the absorbency can also be adjusted by adding additional inserts. The outer cover retains wetness but is also very breathable, helping to keep baby's bottom dry. {as a side note, if your baby is older like mine, this may also mean you will really smell baby's diaper in the morning, but I'll take that as a trade off for dry pajamas and sheets!}

It took a few tries to get the fit just right, but we found the right combination of adjustments and have been enjoying dry nights ever since. We use three of the Lollidoo innies for overnight, and two for naps.

If you're interested in trying LolliDoo diapers for yourself, you can use the code problemsolvinmom at LolliPlace to save 10% on any purchase over $40!

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1 comment:

Crystal said...

Thanks for the review. Just to let you know, I just tried to use the code and it only gave $3.80 off from $66.00 order