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Friday, July 8, 2011

Berry Granola Parfait

It's berry season here in the midwest, and here at the Problem Solvin' homestead we are picking strawberries and raspberries. It looks to be a promising season for blackberries as well, which is always exciting! One of my favorite quick treats with fresh berries (other than enjoying them fresh in the garden with my family) is a parfait. Easy to throw together and healthy, I love to enjoy one after the girls are in bed as I'm winding down for the day. Serving it up in a wine glass makes it extra special and helps keep my portion in check.

In this parfait, I combined roughly 1 cup of sliced strawberries with half of a cup of homemade granola and added a drizzle of warmed Dark Chocolate Dreams. I will share the granola recipe next week. Yogurt is delicious in a parfait as well, but when the berries are especially fresh I like the way they stand out against the crunchy granola.

What is your favorite late night treat?

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1 comment:

CNA training said...

I usually eat my fav strawberry sorbet as my late night treat. I like the fact that you added berries in your parfait as berries contains whole lot of health goodness. Looks delicious!