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Friday, December 24, 2010

Fun & Easy Rudolf Handprint Craft

Looking for a fun and easy craft to pass the time and provide an outlet for your child's creativity this antsy Christmas Eve? If you're children are like mine, they are hyped up and need some structured fun. Sweetpea is always saying "mommy, let's do a craft!" which I love to hear, and this Rudolf craft is good for a wide age range and requires few supplies. You could also modify the instructions to make this into a mask if you have a little one who likes to dress up and pretend!

Rudolf Handprint Plate Craft

1 paper plate
Construction paper for tracing/cutting out hand prints
Markers or crayons
pipe cleaners (optional)

Trace and cut out your child's hand prints.
Cut the lower portion of the plate out on either side, making a somewhat triangular shape (as shown in the picture) to represent the shape of a reindeer head.
Allow your child to decorate the plate to look like a reindeer face, and if they are old enough, to glue their hands into position as antlers.

2 optional steps - in the picture above, we used a small section of red pipe cleaner as Rudolph's nose. You can see the little crafter in this picture had drawn an extra nose as well, so her little pipe cleaner can be a tongue instead ;)

If you would like to make this a mask, cut out eye holes large enough for your child to see well through, and use a hole punch or scissors to cut small holes in the middle of the plate on either side. Use 2 more pipe cleaners and attach them to the holes, then twist them together at the appropriate length to attach the mask to your child's head.


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