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Tuesday, September 15, 2009


What does a tired mama do when her super energetic preschooler is looking for something entertaining to get into? Luckily Sweetpea is a huge fan of crafts - starting the month or so before Sugar Plum was born, we switched high energy outdoor activities for dining room table craftiness. This plan is still working well as I recover from my c-section.

There is a link list of some of our favorite craft ideas at the bottom of this post, but for the most part I've been selecting 4 or 5 things from our craft box and there has been a lot of winging it. I love watching Sweetpea create "freestyle" with no expectations or instructions. Her favorite supplies right now are glue, stickers and markers, with some more glue...and could you pass the glue, please?

For this particular experiment, we used the cardboard cores out of toilet paper rolls, and my intention at first was to make something resembling a napkin holder. We glued tissue paper to the cardboard and then added stickers and decorated them some more with markers.

I love how this kind of activity helps build hand/eye coordination and creative thinking at the same time.
Here are a couple of the finished products - they turned out more like little statues of people than napkin holders, though I suppose they would have been cute to use for a child's party as napkin holders.

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HeatherPride said...

Love the party napkin ring idea! Well done, Sweetpea!

McVal said...

I had 3 c-sections so I remember those days!! Great idea! My girls have been crafy this week also!
Have a great one!

Marva said...

Great ideas! Look at that preciousness! How are you feeling?

Blessings and hugs!!